Best practices for Identity Proofing

In most organizations, digital transformation has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a renewed focus on the digital onboarding process as a critical requirement for doing business. Obtaining confidence in a customer’s identity is the prerequisite to interact digitally with your customers. Product Owners, security specialists, and risk leaders must balance assurance needs with friction in the customer journey. 
In this webinar, Onegini and GBG will elaborate on all available identity proofing capabilities, out-of-the-box within Onegini Identity Cloud. A.o. verification of existing attributes such as email, address, and phone number, BYOI providers such as iDIN, itsme & .beID and ID document capture! The session is very practical, so expect multiple examples of how financials & insurers digitize their customer base in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

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8th of December - 14:00 (CET)

Agenda and speakers

  • Setting the scene: Why to digitize your customer base

  • Overview of Regulations and legislation in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

  • The relationship of Level of Assurance (LoA), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and eIDAS

  • Best practices for identity proofing within the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

  • Live Demo: how to configure identity proofing within Onegini Identity Cloud

  • bart-van-der-hoeven-799b917f Bart van der Hoeven
    Solution Consultant @ Onegini

  • image (1) 2 David Thomas
    Head of Product Identity @ GBG

About GBG

With a rich heritage of more than 30 years, offices in 19 locations worldwide and more than 1,000 employees globally, GBG proudly stands as the global technology specialist in fraud, location and identity data intelligence. We are positioned to support your business challenges and enable customer growth by protecting companies and governments to fight fraud and cybercrime, lower cost of compliance and improve customer digital onboarding experience in today’s digital economy.

Identity Verification: Ability to verify billions people in over 70 countries, ~60% of world population

A futureproof solution to unburden customers over time

Onegini helps regulated enterprises to do online business while keep-up with stricter regulations regarding Identity Proofing over time. Besides requiring higher authentication assurance levels, more and more enterprises require assurance around the real identity of a customer. Onegini customers no longer need to purchase and integrate identity proofing solutions or identification providers, as the platform now provides, supported by GBG, all important identity proofing capabilities for the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany out of the box. What makes Onegini’s offering unique is the tight integration with the CIAM platform. This has multiple advantages, a.o:

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    Standard user flows for registration, identification, matching and providing access
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    Step-up (JIT) Identity Proofing when a higher level is required for a certain product or service
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    A full audit log for the applied Identity Proofing methods per account
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    Select and use multiple Identity Proofing methods to reach 100% of your customers
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    Onegini is a truly European vendor which passed all the security and compliancy checkmarks: ISO 27001, SOC 2 TYPE 1

About Onegini

Onegini was founded in 2011 and supports today over 200 customer labels with over 45 million users spread over multiple countries. The customer base includes among others AEGON, NIBC, CZ, TKP, Baloise, Menzis, NS, Van Lanschot and VGZ. With Onegini Identity Cloud, the company offers an omnichannel Customer Identity and Access Management solution (CIAM) for the banking, insurance and pension industry. With Onegini, organisations quickly and securely create mobile apps and digital portals for consumers, employers and advisors while not having to worry about registration, identification, login and management of the digital identity. As of May 2020, Onegini has been recognised by Gartner as a CIAM specialist.



  • To further prevent the use of the financial system for money laundering purposes and the financing of terrorism, governments have established stricter Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) legislation in recent years. Don't wait longer and make your infrastructure future proof
  • Identity-proofing processes are likely to involve multiple capabilities. Learn why to stop seeing identity proofing and user authentication as separate functions
  • Get inspired with best practices of identity proofing within the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany from Customer Identity & Access Management Leader Onegini and Identity Proofing specialist GBG

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8th of December 14:00 (CET)